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Mitsuru, Mii-chan, Miitchan, is the persistent editor Shigure Sohma. She always puts up with Shigure's antics of mischiefs and slack. Like a good editor, she [nags] keeps Shigure on track with the deadlines.

Shigure teasingly calls her Mii-chan. Their relationship appears to be a comic one. Whilse Mitsuru nags Shigure for each manuscript, Shigure either avoids her, goes somewhere else, or falsely claims that he isn't finished yet; thus demanding an extension of the deadline. In the end, Mitsuru has to keep up with Shigure's antics or face the printing press and the publishers.

She meets Ritsu Sohma and later develops an intimate relationship with him because of their 'similarities' -- both tend to be suicidal.


March 2008
July 2008
May 2011


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why do I even bother?
Saturday, May 14, 2011
I was determined this time. I found a new publisher that took notice of Shigure's works. They're very interested and I promised I could obtain Shigure's latest experimental project today. If it works out, I'll be a big time editor! I'l be famous as well! I'll have a network of publishers and outside authors! I was supposed to give the manuscript tonight. But--

"Sorry, Miitsuru-san, Shigure left early this morning to the Sohma main estate. He didn't say anything when he'll come home or where your manuscripts are." my head cracked.

"Is it okay if I sleep over tonight?"

"I'm right here, Miitsuru-san, you're talking to the door."

"Ahh... Yuki-kun. Sorry." Then I just cried.

PS: It's almost midnight and he's still nowhere to be found. I just called the foreign publisher to say sorry about the 'indefinite' delay. SHIGURE!!!!

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just missed him, you say?!
Friday, July 25, 2008
"Miss Miitsuru? What are you doing here?"

"Yuki-kun, bring Shigure! I need to talk to him!"

"He's not here. Apparently, he left early in the afternoon. You missed him."

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! This July will be hell!

"Mii-san, please come down from the roof! Or you'll hurt the ground."


"What?! I'm trying to help here."

Shigure! I'll sue you! I'll sue you!

Why are you so mean to me?!

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oh what have I done?!
Sunday, July 20, 2008
"I think I know now what to write, Mii-chan." that's what Shigure told me.

"Shigure! It's July already! You told me that line way back May! When will you start writing again?!"

Shigure put the current title on hiatus because of writer's block. Again, that's what he said. Or maybe he's delaying it on purpose. The publishers will get mad, lessen their interest let alone if he delays it further.

"Shigure! Get your act together! We'll be in big trouble if nothing happens this July! You won't finish in time!"

"I will, leave everything to me."

"That's what I'm afraid of!"

He's still acting cool? How?! He's supposed to publish another book this September and the work is not even half way finished. It's panic time, Shigure! Panic time!

"Mii, how many times have we pulled through to these problems?"

"But we're not even sure this time! Let's not compare it from the past! This is a new title, Shigure!"

"Here, have a cake. Enjoy."

"Shigure! This is not a time for cak--" he stuffed the cake on my mouth. "Mmm... Is this cake drugged? Suddenly, I don't feel angry. Or is it..."

"Quadruple Chocolate Supreme. It's special order."

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a scratch
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
"Groans. My head hurts." feels like I have a huge hangover without drinking.
It's a crazy night. I can't take it anymore. Shigure should gradually give me the papers. What he does is he gives me a whole bunch to edit, so there's a whole bunch of work. If he could submit a batch of few and then another sometime then another, not just all at once, my life's going to be easier. But coming from me and talking about Shigure, I know I'm asking TOO MUCH.
"Well at least, he's doing his job." and after all this is my job.
I wonder if he's still planning to go abroad. I was a bit surprised too, because... you know, leaving the country and stuff would change a lot of things. Figuring out that his cousins depend on him a lot, what would happen to them should he leave?

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wait... *slaps forehead*
Monday, March 3, 2008
Gack, I can't believe I stepped up to his challenge. That Shigure knows how to play when it comes to slacking off. It's crazy. It's stupid. What the hell would I get if I finish first?! I mean, he challenged me to a race to publish a narrative novel. So what if I'd win?! Bragging rights? Pure unadulterated fatuity. He won't write. He won't write anything. It's obvious, [yet I overlooked it]. It's a fluke race where he gets an excuse to relax, goof off while he let me write. He's purposely letting me win so that he could take a lot of time off. Writing a novel isn't cake, or a walk in the park and it doesn't take a day to finish. It's tedious. He said that the winner would have the rights to show off. Who heard of such a thing? That's silly! I'll call him tomorrow and let him know that the game is off! I'm such a sap.

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